I’m a singer-songwriter-storyteller-performance artist who loves to write and perform, but who’s not so keen on the administration/publicity side of things! Which is unfortunate given that that constitutes more than half the job of an artist today!

I grew up in West Limerick, went to college in Northern Ireland where I studied philosophy, I spent seven years in the U.S. and now I live in beautiful West Cork.   

Currently I’m working on a show called TENALACH.  It’s a combination of stories and songs that meander through the worlds of science, religion, herstory, history and my story, in an attempt to understand why we relate to the world as we do – It’s somewhat serious stuff, but with a fair complement of humour and irreverence! 
It’s an opportunity to present material I wouldn’t normally do at pub gigs, so I’m quite excited – and more than a little nervous about it. I’m starting to book venues at the minute, so keep an eye on my gigs listing or invite me to your town!

I’ll try and keep this site up to date, but if there’s information you’re looking for that’s not here, you can contact me here and I’ll try and sort it out.
You could also drop me a line if you do find what you’re looking for – it’s always nice to know whose been passing through!

Thanks for visiting!