Tenalach (Old Gaelic) describes a relationship one has with the land, air and water – a deep connection that allows one to literally hear the earth sing!

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And it is the strange and wonderful journey Catherine takes us on, when
she discovers that she has a “vocation” to remember who she really is.

photo of grandparentsSetting out from the respectable worlds of science and rationalism, she finds herself drawn back in time and deep into the collective psyche where she discovers that -
there’s nothing more logical than what is,
but the truth – that’s a deadly romance

She receives a transmission from a tomato plant telling her that she comes from a long line of liars, murderers, sorcerers and witch burners,
And that their ways of seeing have become her ways of seeing.  She operates from the same stories, bargains and lies that they did and her rational mind has been powerless against the spell of forgetting.  

Guided by songs, visons and the inhabitants of her garden, and meandering through herstory, mythology and theology, Catherine gains an understanding of the various forces that might account for her lack of connection to this world – and in the process discovers that  her vocation is not quite as straightforward as she had originally thought!

Tenalach is essentially a journey from the head to the heart –
a reminder that “Eden is a state of mind we are free to return to again and again every time we know ourselves again in deep communion with the rest of life”                     – Eleanor O’Hanlon

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Though she knew nothing of atoms and molecules, or the fusion of hydrogen at the center of the stars, she knew that the sun’s warmth and light were the absolute condition of all life    –    and so she gave thanks!

She looked out of the window and decided it was time
So she opened up the stained glass and she walked out of her mind

And on these rocks they’ll build a church, having read that it is wise

Oh Babel had no towers like these, this is madness this is lies
Turning water into wine

Did you think we would not rise, above your stories and your lies?
Did you think we would not remember the flame?
But all that burns, does not die but will return, will be reborn
Tempered now by the fire of blazing stakes and bloody wars
Stronger for the flame – we are strong before the flame

That’s the way it was when I saw it
And I saw it with my own eyes
All of This world sacred and unbroken
And on Fire with the Reason Why